Complete Home Inspection

A comprehensive inspection report completed by a Certified Professional Home Inspector within 24 hours of the appointment (often the same day). All types of homes welcome! The report includes hundreds of photos, details, and an easy to use Create Request List feature. The CRL helps the buyer, realtor, and seller communicate more effectively in a timely manner.

A roof inspection by a Certified Professional Inspector in Tennessee
Total Roof Inspection

A comprehensive roof report completed and delivered by a RISE CPI on the same day of inspection. The roof inspection is one of the most crucial areas of the inspection and often the biggest concern on a home buyer’s mind.

Natural Disaster Inspection

As middle Tennessee residents, we know too well the struggles home owners go through after enduring a natural disaster. That’s why we offer a bare bones rate for home inspections in natural disaster zones. Not only are we an unbiased third party between the home owner and the insurance company, but we’ll also inspect the spaces that insurance adjusters overlook.

Owner and seller home inspection report in Tennessee
Seller / Owner Inspection

A comprehensive report on the current conditions of the home, prepared by a Certified Professional Inspector within 24 hours of the appointment (often the same day). A RISE CPI will include recommendations for repairs and improvements that will assist a home owner with marketability, home value, and overall home care.

Radon Testing

A complete report of radon levels, calculated with an approved short-term device, by a RISE CPI. The inspection period takes a minimum of 24-hours onsite and requires the inspector to make at least two visits to the location. Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that may be harmful to humans.  Short term testing will indicate if more testing or remediation is needed.

Lender letter for home inspection in Tennessee
Lender Required Letter

A letter of inspection for specific items required by lenders or insurance companies, completed and delivered by a RISE Certified Professional Inspector on the same day of inspection.